Hire Conditions

You MUST be:

  • Over 25 to hire any of the bikes.

You MUST have:

  • A full motorcycle license held for at least 2 years and without the following conviction codes:
  • UT, DR, DD, BA, LC or CD or equivalent offence in Northern Ireland.
  • Less than 3 other convictions.

You MUST not be employed as:

  • Food delivery services. Gambling industry including amusement arcade, bookmakers, casino or club employees. Entertainment and related industries including fairground employees. Professional sports persons. Publicans or persons working in the license trade. Street and market traders. Diplomatic personnel. Courier or messengers. Students under 25 years.
  • Any persons who have had their insurance declined or cancelled or refused by any motor insurer.
  • Any persons with criminal convictions.
  • Any persons who have a physical or mental defect, impairment of sight, hearing, heart or epilectic condition or other complaint unless they have notified the DVLA and a licence has been issued, and the conditions or the restrictions to that license are kept to.
  • Any persons who have been involved in more than one-fault incident within a 3 year period immediately prior to hiring a vehicle.

Please read our full Terms & Conditions.